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Challenges today are born from the ever increasing costs of B2B Supplier Relationship Management.

We know that there is a heavy cost involved in managing all this activity in Australia, yet huge benefits are gained through collaboration in easy to use systems. Productivity gains and reduced marketing, compliance and supply relationship costs is the way forward for businesses to thrive.  SupplyTorque is here to help you reduce your costs and regain control across all aspects of your Supply Chain so contact us for an initial discussion to examine where the best opportunities lie for you.

“Even where savings are contracted, 50% or $138.5M are not making their way to the bottom line of Australia’s leading organisations due to an absence of shared targets and a lack of understanding at the coal-face of the need to use selected suppliers. That’s just the hard cash, without taking into account the value of non-monetary benefits being missed out on* (The Faculty Roundtable 2015)